Curriculum Vitae

Name: Elena Mugellini
Born: September 22nd, 1977 in Florence (Italy)
Professional address:

Information and Communication Technology Institute, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland,

Bd de Perolles, 80, 1705 Fribourg, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 26 429 6870



January 2009
Since January 2009 I'm Professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland.
March 2008
Since march 2008 I'm the head of MISG Group.
January 2007
From January 2007 to December 2008 I've been Assistant Professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland and I've been responsible of research activities of MISG Group.
January 2006
I held a post-doc position at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland and I managed the Memodules research project (
January 2004
I started a two-years stage at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland.
January 2003
I started my Ph. D in Telecommunications and Information Society at the Engineering University of Florence.


December 2005
PhD in Telematics and Information Society, Department of Electronic and Telecommunications, University of Florence. The thesis was titled: "eGovernment Service Marketplace: Model Driven Design for Distributed Service Dynamic Discovery and Delivery".
September 2002
Laurea (Masters Degree) with the mark of 110/110 magna cum laude in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Florence. The thesis work was about OFDM communication systems with space-time and space-frequency diversity transmission.



Lectures and seminars

Since 2004, I have been giving several regular and invited lectures at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) in Fribourg and in Geneva, the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and the University of Florence (Italy) at both bachelor and master level.



Smart Environment and Multimodal Interaction. The concept of smart environment and ambient intelligence is a vision where humans are surrounded by computing and networking technology unobtrusively embedded in their surroundings. Especially it characterizes a new paradigm for the interaction between a person and his/her everyday environment. Ambient Intelligence (AmI) enables this environment to become aware of the human that interacts with it, his/her goals and needs. Multimodality (including tangible interaction), in particular, allows adaption of human-computer interaction on two different levels: on the one hand different users with different abilities can interact with information technology through multiple modes beyond the traditional keyboard and mouse (e.g. voice, gesture, gaze, etc.); on the other hand output can be adapted to user context within different environments, e.g. in the car, in the living room, in the office.

Related projects: Living in a Smart Environment, ARAMIS, MAGI, Memodules, Inter-Face, Aphrodite-Glance, 6th Sense, HUMAVOX, MyVox.

Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management Information retrieval (IR) is the science of searching for information in documents, searching for documents themselves, searching for metadata which describe documents, etc. Knowledge management comprises a range of practices used by organizations to identify, create, represent, and distribute knowledge for reuse, awareness, and learning across the organizations.

Related projects: CALIMERA, Memoria-Mea, VICI, Memodules, dotGOV Center, eGovSM

Document Engineering and Model-Driven Architecture Document Engineering is evolving as a new scientific discipline for specifying, designing, and implementing systems belonging to very different business domains by using XML technology. Model-Driven Architecture proposes a comprehensive approach for modeling a system by providing support for platform dependent and independent models as well as facilities to formalize new, domain specific, modeling languages.

Related projects: eGovSM, Memodules.



Italian : native language
English : good knowledge in reading, writing and speaking
French : excellent knowledge in reading, writing and speaking
German : basic knowledge in reading, writing and speaking


I love reading books, music, cinema, theatre, photography and paintings. I like also dancing, and most of all belly dance, trekking and traveling all around the world.